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Alezander - BY 2012 (single), front cd-cover Alezander - BY 2012 (single), inside cd-cover Alezander - BY 2012 (single), inside cd-cover Alezander - BY 2012 (single), back cd-cover

Release Date: JAN.12.2010

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Music, lyrics, arrangement by Alezander

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I was waiting too long to be ready to publish my music work. Two years of total silence give me no choice for my occupation. I had to listen to a lot of different music, found out many great bands and artists and went deep into awesome music results of other talented people. Only the guitar playing kept me nearly alive about my own creative work. So, now I'm quite happy to present you the first single under the art-project presentation idea. I got accustomed to get as high level of work quality as I can. Only hard work can lead to modest results. I always believe it. So I've done everything what I can for your deepest perception tickling. And I really hope I succeed in that.

"BY 2012" is a song not about the Apocalypse. I just think it's time to make great changes in our life sense. And there is own meaning for everyone. 2012 is just a loud reason.

Art project series idea comes for my music work presentation. It's really interesting way for music sharing 'cause as result you can see a little art miniature when digital art meets web-technologies for song impression enrichment. "BY 2012" art-project presents the one of the most modern art trends: digital drawing. All images are made by talented digital painter - [Amelia]. Her world sense is quite unusual and inimitably bewitching. And it always reflected in her works. You can see not only the site design; also cd-covers in high printable quality are available [here].

So, I hope you can find here something around your interests and your imagination have stayed no indifferently. If you want you can leave your comments on [MySpace page] or using [feedback page]. Anyway thank you for being here.

With best regards, Alezander

PS The single contains voice track for DJ's works. So if you want you can use it for public performances but on condition that links for full version mixes and performance notices will be send via email ( or feedback page in 5 days before performance event starts. Clear evidence of my authorship is compulsory. Thank you.

"BY 2012" Lyrics

Through the ways the man tries
to find out his happiness,
Hopes to come across grand things
which are close to him.
Even if there's nothing
or he's got into a mess
He believes in his inmost dream.

Sometime it's so hard
To hear your own heart,
Don't be overwhelmed and know
Seeing a pain in eyes
Missing once and twice
You must try to keep your soul.

Our thoughts are wounded,
Our bodies tire to refresh.
The time dictates to be
The coolest someone being a smash.

It's usual when you forget your name
And cheat your own sense:
The day's started with choice
Between yourself and somebody else.

All what we say one another
Is at a cavity line
Before the wish to be clear,
To be sincere and fine.

We compromise with uprightness
'Cause we fear for a fall.
But then can we find
By ourselves own soul?

When you see sky's in sunshine
Note, that you're got forces
To guide the life by your line
Trough only your choices.
Even if there's no one else.

Through a dark and a light
Since the cruelest fight
Just do try to keep your soul.

About ART-project Series

The main idea of this art-project series is quite simple but must be also interesting. For each single presentation some art-idea will be realized here to enrich the sense of presented song and embody attendant for a song theme concept at once.

It's expected to cover different art trends and to meet really talented and smart people under this project to show delicate mix of music and visual creativities in so unusual environment as web.

Each art project will be done with some special person whose art works will be used in a single web-presentation. So it's a real chance to get a know about actual art directions and people worked on this ways.

You are allways welcome here and feel free to write your opinion and comments on [feedback page]. And if you work on some kind of visual art and want to participate in the next art-presentation you can leave your message on [feedback page] too and provide some information about yourself and your works.

So thank you for your interest and just enjoy the current (or wait for coming soon the next) art-project.